The chicken adventures

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New girls on the block


Added 3 new chickens to the flock today, they are partridge wyandotte bantams. The girls are only 10 weeks old, still a bit flighty, but otherwise settling in OK.  I’m considering a namechange for Miss Suzie as she promptly flew over the neighbours fence sometime last night, Miss Houdana comes to mind, my idea of the female equivalent of Houdini.  The other two decided to take roost in an most unlikely place which also raised my stress levels as they were nowhere to be found when I came to check up on them last night, until I looked up and found them perched precariously on top of an old coat stand that I’d put inside the pen to keep the netting higher.  I will introduce them to the other girls in the Spring when they’ve matured a bit more and will be able to cope with any pecking order issues. Keeping my fingers crossed that they will know where to go to bed tonight…..

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Rear view, unfinished…

rear view copyI have every intention of painting this mural onto the backboard, once I figure out how to transfer the image to make it easier.  As you can see it’s unfinished, still waiting on some free board to show up on some as yet, unfound building site.  The cardboard box from someone’ s new tv has come in very handy as a windbreak and barrier for now, hasn’t really been rain-tested but the mice living underneath don’t seem to have any complaints….